On a cool, November evening, i found myself at work, hosting a wedding vow renewal. It was a few minutes prior to 6pm, and guests were scheduled to arrive any time. I sent staff on break, and decided to take a few pre-event photos with our hotel digital camera. It was a cheap camera model, the kind that would come free with a printer purchase, back in the mid-2000's. I was having trouble with the ice sculpture photos, as it was up-lit from the base of the sculpture with a light source under the table .after a few poor attempts with the flash on, i decided to turn the flash off, and try for another photo. I steadied my hand, pressed the shutter, and took one final photo of the sculpture before moving on to the rest of the room. 

The night proceeded without any incident, the food was great, the guests had a great time, and we cleaned up and headed home for the evening. I came into work the next day, plugged in the camera, and casually perused the images. After i found a few that i was happy with, i uploaded them to our hotel Facebook page, to share with our fans. Little did i know, how big this upload would turn out to be...

A few hours later, a fan noted that they saw something in the image, to the left of the sculpture. i was as awestruck as my coworkers and facebook fans were! i'm not a photoshop expert, and i had to go back through and check the hotel security footage, to make sure there wasn't anyone in the room with me as i took the photos. I was the only person in the room at the time. I was surprised to see what everyone else was seeing - an apparition, to the left of the image! 

The excitement was palatable, and the interest began to grow to find out more about this image in the photo. My partner, michael, told his coworker about the image. She and her husband knew a local new correspondent that specializes in special interest pieces for our local broadcast, and they said they would mention it to him. 

On December 17, 2010, john Le from WLOS visited the Inn, and a featured spot was placed on the local news that night (video below). the next three days were a total blur - messages were coming in from around the globe, and the video went viral! 

I was contacted by the SyFy show "Fact or Faked" to offer them the image for consideration on the show. Although they did not ultimately choose the image to re-create as a special on the show, we did receive a 30 second blurb on their show, while they reviewed the cases they were interested in at the time. 

Though the excitement has died down surrounding the photo, the activity at the inn has not. Employees reported seeing figures floating down the hallway, children laughing at night when the inn has full vacancy, steps on the stair ways as the hotel is empty at night, and tinkling of the baccarat chandelier crystals, though no breeze was around and the heating system does not have vents near or around the chandelier. 

Many exciting things happen, when you open your mind to experience something new! Visit the inn, and see for yourself! 
  I sent this picture, in its untouched, unchanged form to PSI: Paranormal Scene Investigators of Ellenboro N.C.  
See different photo light filter effects tested on the image for authentication in our "Proofing the Picture" Gallery. 

The image quickly garnered International attention, with views in England, Peru, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, France, India, Australia, Italy, and the US! See the youtube video of the original TV Broadcast from 12.20.10, below:

The rest is still a mystery!

Who is he?
Why is he here?
Is there life after death?
I didn't believe any of this until now.
What do you think?
Help me find out.